I would like to share some of my personal experiences with you about Sheba Development Construction. I met Zak Mougharbel more than a decade ago, when I was starting to build my own house. At the time Zak offered to build it for me, I had everything in place and was confident I could complete this project by myself. Therefore I politely declined his offer. However, we kept in contact.

Since this was my second time attempting a private residential design and construction project, I wasn’t quite as experienced as I wished. Zak came to my rescue a number of times during this project. He was always available to problem-solve issues that arose and served as a de facto consultant during this process. I have since come to consider him a dear friend, and cherish his generosity and loyalty.

A few years later I decided to build another home for my family. This time I asked Zak to oversee the project without any doubt or reservation.  Zak was in constant consultation with both my wife and I, translating our (sometimes conflicting) vision and providing a visual blueprint that satisfied us both. He did so by never being short on details, and by delivering on agreed-upon cost considerations and completion dates.  If we changed our minds mid-course about something, Zak was always available to go over the options and break down the practicality of various alternatives and what impact they would have on the CHANGE ORDER.

Zak knows his business. A world traveler, he provides unique, one-of-a-kind custom design suggestions, and works with you every step of the way. He will provide a dream home within your budget and time frame.  I couldn’t be happier with my experience. I gained two beautiful homes and a lifelong friendship. I strongly recommend his company and services to those wanting the same.

- Hamid Hosseini

We are proud to say that we have lived in two homes that were designed and built by Sheba Construction (Dr. Zak Mougharbel). What specifically made Sheba Construction the perfect builder for us was Zak’s incredible attention to detail, both in the design and construction phase. He constantly came up with alternative ideas that made our home perfect. Zak has an incredible eye for detail and his personal touches made all the difference in our home. When we began the process of building our second home we didn’t hesitate to contact Zak because of the positive building experience that we had during the construction of our first home.

- Cathy & Jerry Sayre


Zak and his staff at Sheba Development live up to their company’s motto, “Let us turn your dreams into reality.” I’ve heard many horror stories with designing and constructing your own home. However with Sheba, I found my experience to actually be quite enjoyable, seamless, and professional. The quality of work, dedication to customer service, and continued follow-up went above my expectations. I’m happy to have chosen Sheba as my designer and builder. I will definitely hire them again for my next project.

Thank you for turning our dreams into reality.

- Author April J. Ford – 2012