Management Team

RIchard A. Proaps - Attorney at Law

Trustee - Sheba Investment Trust

Sheba Development, LLC is a division of Sheba Investment Trust. Richard A. Proaps is the trustee of Sheba Investment Trust. Mr. Proaps received a B.A.. Degree from the University of San Francisco in 1972. He received his Juris Doctor degree from Lincolin University Law School in 1977 and was admitted to practice law in the State of California that same year. Mr. Proaps’ Law practice has emphasized contract and Real Estate Law. Mr. Proaps has extensive transaction and litigation experience in business, contract and Real Estate Law. Among his Clientele are developers, condominium associations, Contractors, and Financial Institutions. In addition to his duties as Trustee, Mr. Proaps has maintained his law practice and is developing a greater client base among Real Estate developers.

Mr. Proaps has been the Trustee of Sheba Investment Trust since its inception. He has drafted contracts, easements, covenants, conditions and restrictions, and obtained approval of all use permits and parcel maps for the projects in which Sheba Investment Trust has participated. Mr. Proaps has negotiated easements with neighboring properties that have enhanced the value and lowered the development costs of our projects.

Zak Y. Mougharbel - Ph.D.

Director of Group

Dr. Mougharbel is a Director of the Group holding companies. Prior to the Group’s formation, Dr. Mougharbel has owned and operated New Horizon Investments/ Development, an engineering and design consulting business since 1984, before merging with Sheba Development, LLC. He brings over fifteen years of experience in Engineering Development, Marketing, and over five years in International Investment Analysis. Dr. Mougharbel manages the Group’s U.S. operations. Dr Mougharbel is a graduate from Columbia State University with a Ph.D. in Architecture, in addition to a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering and an MBA in Business management from Kennedy Western University.

His Undergraduate work was completed at the University of Oklahoma, Norman, Oklahoma.

Dr. Mougharbel has over 31 years of experience and is highly skilled and successful in designing, engineering, implementing, and analyzing major development projects. He employs excellent management and leadership skills that inspires cooperation.

Our Philosophy

For nearly two decades, Sheba Development, LLC has pioneered in integrating innovative Master Planning with Architectural Design for a wide variety of residential, commercial/Office and recreational facilities. These plans have resulted in built environments in which design and architectural innovations have earned the firm its International reputation.

Sheba Development, LLC is one of the very few organizations that can truly call itself “Planners and Managers”, which is of enormous benefit to a project of any scope and complexity since it allows all necessary coordination of both architectural and recreational components to be accomplished within one firm. Sheba Development, LLC has the capability to program and produce the work in a timely and efficient manner and welcomes the cooperative interaction with other consultants on any project.

Our planning and design capabilities reach worldwide.


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